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Council adopted the 2016/17 Capital Works Program and plan to maintain the roads as follows.
Urban Roads:
Higham Avenue, Balaklava – from Balaklava Road to End – 280m – replace 120m of kerb/water table, reconstruct pavement and seal (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Eleventh Street, Snowtown – from North Terrace to Fourth Street – 240m – replace kerb/water table, reconstruct and seal.
Phillips Street, Port Wakefield – from the end of existing seal to the 50km sign – 150m install kerb/water table, construct and seal.
War Memorial Drive, Balaklava – from Ambulance Centre to North side of Bridge – 370m – reseal.
Hospital Court, Balaklava – from War Memorial Drive to Ira Parker Nursing Home – 120m – reseal.
Cross Street, Balaklava – from Ralli Street to John Street – 120m – replace kerb/water table right side and reseal.
Branch Hill Road, Bowmans – from Balaklava Road to Bowmans Road – 350m – reseal.
Norman Street, Hamley Bridge– from Hill Street to Dahlmyra Avenue – 170m – reseal.
Hospice Road, Hamley Bridge – from Hill Street to Albert Street – 290m – replace damaged kerb/water table and reseal.
Makin Street, Hamley Bridge– from Walter Street to South Terrace – 630m – replace damaged kerb/water table, remediate trenches and reseal.
Third Street, Owen – from North West Terrace to Main Street – 260m – reseal.
Second Street, Owen – from Third Street to Fourth Street – 150m – reseal.
Walter Street, Port Wakefield – from North Street to Edward Street – 150m – reseal.
Korreng Court, Port Wakefield – from White Street to cul-de-sac – 220m - reseal.
Smith Street, Lochiel– from Augusta Highway to Cameron Street – 300m – reseal.
Ellis Street, Lochiel– from Elder Street to Smith Street – 150m – reseal.
Clare Road, Brinkworth– from East Terrace to Oval Avenue – 145m – reseal.
Stone Cutters Road, Brinkworth– from Oval Avenue to 50km sign – 150m – reseal.
Clare Street, Brinkworth – from William Street to Main Street – 120m – reseal.
East Terrace, Brinkworth – from Clare Road to Edgar Street – 250m – reseal.
Railway Terrace East, Snowtown – from North Terrace to Fifth Street – 120m – replace kerb/water table and reseal.
Railway Terrace East, Snowtown – from Fifth Street to Third Street – 370m – reseal.
Prior to reseals occurring preliminary works of maintenance repairs and the trimming of street vegetation will be undertaken.
Rural Sealed Roads:
Koolunga Road from 1945m North of Mallee Corner Road to Boucaut Road – 1.84km – reseal.
Pareora Road – from Augusta Highway to Primo Entrance – 1.35km – reseal.
Magpie Creek Road – from Namyah Road to Hancock Road – 2.49km – reseal.
Blyth Road – from Rowan Road to Hancock Road – 8.26km – reseal.
Blyth Road – from Pratt Road to Magpie Creek Road – 1.4km – reseal.
Alma Road – from Owen Road to Haddow Road – 1.32km – rehabilitate pavement and reseal (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Unsealed Roads
Beaufort Road – from Augusta Highway to Western Council Boundary – 5.3km – resheet.
Beaufort Road – from Kenderleigh Road to Bismark Valley Road – 1.8km – resheet.
Watchman Road– from Old Boundary Road to 2000m South of Wanappe Road– 2.1km – resheet.
Ford Road– from Dalkey Road to Plains Road – 1.6km – resheet.
Erith Road – from Klingner Road to Goldney Road – 2.3km – resheet.
Avon Road – from Prime Road to Goldney Road – 5.0km – resheet.
Wandel Road – from Wood Road to Water Tower Road – 1.7km – reconstruct (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Rifle Range Road– from Watchman Exchange Road to Watchman Road – 1.9km – resheet.
Bismark Valley Road– from Harding Road to Middle Range Road – 0.8km – reconstruct.
Bismark Valley Road– from Higgs Road to Nantawarra Road – 1.0km – reconstruct.
Bismark Valley Road– from House to Beaufort Road – 2.1km – resheet.
Bismark Valley Road– from Beaufort Road to Wheat Road – 1.8km – resheet.
McLachlan Road– from Farm Driveway to Bismark Valley Road – 1.3km – resheet
Black Range Road– from Wirrianda Road to Salt Lake Road – 7.8km – resheet.
Tower Hill Road– from Longmire Road to Big Dipper Road – 2.7km– resheet (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Dixon Road – from Farmhouse Road to Bismark Valley Road – 1.0km – resheet.
Barunga East Road – from Burnsfield Road to House – 2.3km – resheet.
Atkinson Road – from Old Boundary Road to Dobie Road – 3.3km – resheet.
Wanappe Road– from Woodlands Road Plantation Road – 3.6km – resheet.
Cook Road – from Everard Road to Red Rock – 0.7km – reconstruction.
White Cliffs Road – from Boucaut Road to Northern Council Boundary – 1.4km – resheet.
Eagle Road – from Bunyip Road to White Cliffs Road – 2.0km – resheet.
Hart Churches Road – from Zweck Road to 700m West of Zweck Road – 0.7km – resheet.
Slaughterhouse Road – from Light River Road to House – 0.4km – resheet.
Pareora Road – from Primo Entrance to Borlace Road – 2.4km -
Days Hill Road – close from Woods Road to Owen Road. Construct and open School Road from Wood Road to Owen Road – 0.7km (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Note: The completion of the above program will depend on the availability of suitable localised road base (rubble) from adjacent properties and negotiation with the land owners.
Kybunga Top Road – replace bridge structure with culverts north of Woodlands Brae Road.
Kybunga Top Road – install safety barrier on third bridge. (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Lookout Road – install safety barrier on Quinlan’s Bridge (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Alma South Road – install safety barrier on culvert (carried forward from 2015/2016).
Cross Street, Halbury– from Balaklava Road to Hardy Street – seal floodway.
Balaklava Flood Prevention – construct swale drain and levy bank (Moody Estate).

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